Upcoming two-time mama Jessica Simpson seems determined to spawn a collection of oddly-named babies. After giving her first child (a girl) the male moniker of Maxwell Drew, she's now thinking about calling her second child Ace.

Thus predestining the kid to be a race car driver. Or a high-stakes poker player. Or a greaser who hangs out behind the school cafeteria with a best bud named Soda Pop.

Maxwell Drew got her name from combining her daddy Eric Johnson's middle name and Simpson's mother's maiden name. We can only imagine where Ace came from, but as far as middle names go, we recommend Windu. Because Ace Windu will be the coolest baby on any cruelty-free constructed playground.

Said Simpson of her upcoming status as a multiple baby-mama, "Motherhood is a dream. It really is absolutely amazing."

“Plus you get to saddle your kid with a name they will have to drag with them in shame for the rest of their lives," she didn't add. "It's aces!”

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