In "totally good idea" news that isn't, Universal Television, Electus and NBC are partnering up to create a scripted sitcom about Jessica Simpson's life. Starring, of course, Jessica Simpson.

The television series, which is described as a 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' type look at Simpson's existence, will be scribed by the brilliant minds that gave the world 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop,' so you know it has to be good.

And with a team including Joe Simpson backing it, well, it must be the best thing ever. Logic!

The network has given the go-ahead for a “presentation," something that's like a pilot but not quite. So clearly NBC has total confidence in this whole thing. Regardless, Electus chairman Ben Silverman refers to Simpson and the upcoming program as "truly a modern-day Lucy."

Dude. Put Jessica Simpson in a sitcom if you want, but besmirching the Ball? That's uncalled for.

"Having gotten the opportunity to work with Jessica on 'Fashion Star' and see how funny she is firsthand, it seemed natural for her to end up in a situational comedy," Silverman said.

The show will mirror Jessica's life so closely that it'll even chronicle her current pregnancy, with Silverman adding, "Her unique yet totally accessible approach to family is something I think America will love and laugh at."

Maybe he's right. After all, laughing at Jessica Simpson is certainly something Americans have been doing for a long time already.

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