Hulk Hogan

Cool Story, Bro
Wrestling superstar and walking leather handbag Hulk Hogan is now attempting to purge the internet of that XXX video featuring him that leaked last year. Maybe he should talk to Beyonce about the futility of online scrubs.
Daddy Issues
For those of you who want to curb your appetites, behold Hulk Hogan's pride in his daughter, Brooke. The troubled wrestling legend posted a shot of his leggy daughter's gams, and just -- yecch.
It Burns, It Burns
Bless Hulk Hogan. Not only is he humiliated, he's also a little delusional. He refiled his $100 million sex tape lawsuit in Florida court, suing his partner in crime-against-our-eyes-and-imaginations Heather Clem as well as gossip site
Gawker Responds
Sorry internet, the Hulk Hogan-related sex tape drama hasn't ended yet, although we kinda wish it would. (We can still see that damned video every time we close our eyes.)
Hulk's Big Win
The (as evidenced by the mystery sex tape) hulking hulkster Hulk Hogan has one lawsuit down and two more to go after reaching a settlement against his long-time friend and first-time sex scandal enemy Bubba the -- do we have to say it? -- Love Sponge. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty more drama.
Face in the Crowd
As we deal with the reality that a woman would willingly get naked with Hulk Hogan and make a sex tape to commemorate the occasion, we're almost tempted to thank Heather Clem for taking one for the team. But as it turns out, Hogan may not have been her only notable on-camera conquest. Cue the 'Law & Order' chung chung.
Hulk Hogan's lawyers have spoken. And they're gearing up for a major fight. The wrestler announced Monday he's filed not one but two lawsuits over that leaked sex tape -- for a combined total of $100 million bucks.
Last week, a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan made its way onto the internet and caused irreparable harm to millions because DUDE MY EYES MY EYES. Now the Hulkster's lawyer says plans are in the works to sue everyone ever, and that the wrestler himself feels leaking the secretly-recorded tryst was the "ultimate betrayal."