Bless Hulk Hogan. Not only is he humiliated, he's also a little delusional.

He refiled his $100 million sex tape lawsuit in Florida court, suing his partner in crime-against-our-eyes-and-imaginations Heather Clem as well as gossip site

Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) dismissed his prior lawsuit against Gawker without prejudice so that he could refile it under the same suit he's got against Clem. TMZ notes that this is a way around paying extra attorney's fees and doing more paperwork.

The wrestling legend first sued Gawker in October 2012 after the site posted a nearly two minute-long clip of Hogan and Clem doing the nasty. The interlude was supposedly filmed in 2006 ... when Hogan was still married to wife/doppelganger, Linda.

Hogan also sued Clem's ex husband -- his former BFF, radio host Bubba the Love Sponge -- in conjunction with the leak of the video. They settled out of court and Bubba apologized on air, because he's classy like that.

Gawker filed a response to the original suit asking that it be dismissed. Gawker's response was basically that Hogan pretty much already had a crappy reputation and that their determination of what's newsworthy -- for example, a former pro wrestler boning a money-and-fame-hungry 6 in a grainy video -- couldn't do any more damage to it.

The irony here is that no one wants to see this thing. We're not sure why Gawker's visitors didn't sue the site, Hogan and Clem for emotional distress and pain and suffering. Sure, if they watched the video, they asked for it -- but even for those of us who didn't hit "play," our brains are still scourged by the very thought.

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