For those of you who want to curb your appetites, behold Hulk Hogan's pride in his daughter, Brooke.

The troubled wrestling legend posted a shot of his leggy daughter's gams, and just -- yecch.

He posted the photo you see here with the caption, "Brooke's legs."

The hell?

There are a lot fewer creepy ways to get the point across that he's proud of his little girl's athletic stems. Like, say, not captioning the photo at all so his followers would just be like, "That's a proud dad."

Instead, he essentially, if accidentally, objectified her, which only raised horrible memories of the time he actually oiled up her legs and behind. (You can look at that at your own risk, weirdo.)

Brooke, who's the spitting image of her mom, Linda, didn't take kindly to everyone's criticism of her pervy pops, and she tweeted her frustration about the drama.

Whatever, Brooke. You know you wouldn't want to be seen in public with your dad if it didn't boost your profile with both of your fans.

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