Hulk Hogan's lawyers have spoken. And they're gearing up for a major fight.

The wrestler announced Monday he's filed not one but two lawsuits over that leaked sex tape -- for a combined total of $100 million bucks.

Hogan stood behind his mouthpiece at a press conference in Tampa, Fla., during which the legal eagle detailed the suits and why Hulk is seeking such massive sums of compensatory damages.

The first action is against his onetime friend, radio host Bubba the Love Sponge, and Bubba's ex-wife, Heather Clem, for taping a private, consensual sex act between Hogan and Clem without his permission.

The second suit is against Gawker Media, which posted an edited version of the sex tape online.

Hogan wants $100 million from Gawker, while the amount he's seeking from the Love Sponges is undetermined at this time.

If you saw the Gawker clip as I did, you probably found it incredibly creepy for several reasons (the least of which was that it involved watching Hulk Hogan getting bizzy). For one thing, Hogan's cell phone goes off mid-coitus and his ringtone is his daughter Brooke's awful pop song. Because that's what every father wants to hear when he's doing the deed.

The other icky thing is the aerial view, which allows a look at his skullet haistyle and swim trunk tanlines. Sexy!

Hulk's attorney said that filming the sex act was "illegal, outrageous, and exceeded the bounds of human decency." Sort of like any of Hogan's wrestling matches against the Iron Shiek during his 1980s heyday.

In addition to the massive sums of cash, Hogan also wants the tapes destroyed. And man, so do we.

Watch the Hulk Hogan Lawsuit Press Conference

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