Wrestling superstar and walking leather handbag Hulk Hogan is now attempting to purge the internet of that XXX video featuring him that leaked last year.

Maybe he should talk to Beyonce about the futility of online scrubs.

TMZ reports that the Hulkster has successfully acquired a restraining order against Gawker Media, which had been displaying clips of the tape he shot with Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-wife.

Gawker has since removed the video, at least temporarily. As a result, Hulk has now become power hungry and is trying to get it removed from the interwebs completely.

Can you spell "luddite," brother?

Hulk's lawyers have gone on the defense, sending cease and desist letters to all sorts of sites that have the video, including TheDirty.com (which posted screencaps). If the recipients of those take-down letters don't comply with a quickness, Hulk's people say they'll deliver a smackdown.

This seems like a losing battle. Not just because things that go online stay online forever (remember that when you post photos of your kegger on Facebook, kids) but because a whole lot of people have gone out of their way not to see that video in the first place.

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