Coco Austin (yes, she has a last name) of ‘Ice Loves Coco’ fame might need to rethink her “bigger is better” approach to bodily enhancements.

The TV tells us that her rapper-turned-actor husband Ice-T loves her, but we aren’t entirely sure he’s ever really seen her. We assume there’s a Coco behind those tatas but how would we ever know? She’s pumped them up so much that they bend the sun’s light and are her only visible physical attribute – until she turns around and a balancing set of bulging parts takes over the refraction.

Her famous ass -- which is roughly the same size as her rack -- may get more attention, but Coco is yet another example of the reality that even though you paid a lot of money for certain enhancements, you should not be so eager to show them off. They only look good on the surgeon’s bankroll.

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