A really embarrassing mistake turned into a joke that then turned into a whole lot of free publicity.

Susan Boyle has a new album coming out, and the PR tweets about it may or may not have been given the ill-conceived hashtag #susanalbumparty. This seems harmless enough -- until you put on your naughty goggles and look at it a bit more closely.

Let us know when you get there.

Over the past few days, a slow burn of amused tweets about it have spread across the Twitterscape. Some users are split on the issue - all puns are perpetually intended – while others think it’s a massive PR fail and still others believe it to be a stroke of pure trending genius.

But is the SuBo market really the anal party hashtag market? Is inviting people to Su’s Anal Bum Party really going to sell records?

Pretty sure we've unraveled the mystery below.

First, check out a few of these responses. If nothing else, she’s already got the name of her next album:

So what really happened?

While the Twitter account for Susan's own fansite may have (non-ironically) used the hashtag a few times, it seems the singer's official page used it once about a month ago but quickly caught the underlying filth and corrected it.

How did it rear up (we kill ourselves) again? We may have found what appears to be the genesis of the resurrection.

And now, the rest is history.