Uninhibited Osbourne matriarch and 'The Talk' co-host Sharon Osbourne did a recent interview that was just full of dish -- taking direct aim at Justin Bieber and Kanye West, touching on her temporary split from husband Ozzy, and much more.

We've included the best quotes from her delightfully expletive-laden sit-down with the Daily Beast below. (And you thought her plans to blow Prince Charles to become a Dame were sassy.)

About that temporary split from husband Ozzy (the couple is now back together):

You know what, to have addiction problems ... I have an addiction to f--ing buying things, and everyone has an addiction in life that they need to address, and for Ozzy, it’s a drug and alcohol addiction, and he slipped really badly. Well, he didn’t slip, he f--in’ fell. At that time in my life, I couldn’t handle it. I just said, “You’ve got to get out and come back when you’re sober.”

It was not a case of divorce. I would never divorce my husband. Ever. I love him too much. He’s far from perfect, and I’m even further from perfect, but I’ve known him for 42 years, and we’ve been a couple for 33.

That’s my life. You just don’t walk away from people because they have a problem -- unless they write on their c--k and send it all around the world!

Take note, Carlos Dangers of the world. Sharon Osbourne says that if you put your penis on the internet, someone will find out about it. (And uh, she's right.)

Asked how she felt about the antics of Kanye West, Sharon hilariously responded:

I have no time for him. He bores me. I said it on the show, he’s an average-looking man with an average talent, but he’s a great salesman. He should sell cars because they would f--in' fly out the door. He’s his No. 1 fan.

Her thoughts on Justin Bieber:

I feel really bad for him. There’s this little kid with a huge dream, he’s cute, girls love him, and he wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a f--in’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out. It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, “Oh, we’re the bad boys!” F-- off! You don’t know what bad is.

I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem. And, at the point he’s at in his career, it’s so dangerous because we’ve seen it all before a million times. Where do you go when you’re a child entertainer and then you want to transition to be a man? Very few make it.

She again referenced Bieber when asked about the roughest time period in her long relationship with Ozzy:

Probably when Ozzy was drinking and I was drinking when we first got together. It was f--ing insanity. Everything from slashed wrists to beating the shit out of each other. We were both wild.

That’s why I look at people like Justin Bieber, who says he’s a wild boy, and I’m like, 'Get back on the titty. You have no f--in’ idea what bad is.' My father was a f--in’ two-bit gangster and I was raised into some heavy sh--.

Finally, Sharon admits to a laugh-out-loud form of vengeance: She used to send Tiffany boxes full of feces to people who would write lies about her and her family:

It’s like one of those old rock ’n’ roll fables. I did it three times only, and I did it in the early ’80s, and I’ll never do it again. And it wasn’t for bad reviews. People can review and it’s their opinion and you never argue with it, but when they print lies, I’m like, 'I’m not standing for that sh--. So I’ll send you sh--.

But wait -- why did she use Tiffany boxes?

Because who doesn’t want to open a Tiffany’s box?

Annnnnd scene.

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