Selena Gomez posted a photo on Twitter today in which she posed with a fan wearing a Justin Bieber T-shirt -- and her expression is several kinds of awesome.

Gomez, who's in New York to promote her new single 'Come & Get It,' stopped off at Vevo HQ to snap the pic, which she captioned: "Spending time @VEVO with my littles." (Good thing she didn't say vittles, because that would have just been weird.)

Selena's basically given up pretending she's been cured of the Bieber Fever, flying to Norway last week for his show and some love among the fjords at a six-star hotel in Oslo.

The two will also be appearing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas next month along with a roster of stars such as Mackelmore, Pitbull, and Selena's BFF Taylor Swift.

People may continue to talk smack -- including her own friends -- but Selena may as well be Honey Badger. Because she just doesn't give a damn.