YouTube 'personality', universally loathed Big Brother contestant and the Christopher Ciccone to Ariana Grande's Madonna, Frankie Grande, is unabashedly coming for Selena Gomez.

Mere weeks after announcing (and then subsequently canceling) his own headlining Livin' La Vida Frankie Tour, an already-shuttered spectacle that promised to "explore the ridiculous, over-the-top and even the serious side of being me," the brother of the unsanitary, doughnut licking, America-hating "Break Free" pint-sized princess has decided to continuously harp on Selena's breathy sexual emancipation anthem, "Good For You," on social media — a song that, according to Selena herself, is meant to be about her taking command of her womanhood, "feeling sexy and beautiful" and appreciating one's own partner.

Well, Frankie Grande is simply not having it — and he wants you all to know, loud and clear.

Last week, the flame-haired sibling of a famous person Snapchatted a video of himself driving and rolling his eyes as the song played in the background. "how about look good 4 URSELF?" he wrote, seemingly unimpressed with Selena's song. But wait — he's hardly done!

Last night, Grande — who frequently performs a cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds" at social media music festivals, replacing the word "Diamond" with "Frankie" — launched into a diatribe on his Instagram about the meaning behind the song:

Look good for YOURSELF, and let that inner confidence and self-worth be the thing that attracts and pleases your partner. Attract someone who thinks self-esteem is hot, not someone who likes to be catered and pandered to. Don't show them how proud you are to be theirs, show them how proud you are to be YOURS. Never allow your own self worth to rely on the opinions of others, for if you do you will live much of your life in disappointment. Shine bright like a you.

Now, yes, Frankie makes a valid point: Self-confidence is (usually) sexy, and poor is the man whose pleasures depends on the permission of another, as the Queen Of Pop herself once purred.

But! As far as Selena's song, there's nothing actually wrong with what she's singing about, especially since she's made it quite clear that the song's about herself feeling like an empowered sexual creature. Pandering? She knows she looks good — even with her dress a mess on the floor! — and she knows just how you like it, too. A complaint about the song lacking self-worth? "I'm a marquise diamond...could even make that Tiffany jealous." Come on.

Also, who even gave you the right to tell Selena Gomez how she needs to express herself? And why isn't she allowed to feel proud of her own partner too? PLEASE, FRANK.

“It’s not about ownership, it’s not about being less than…it’s that you think they’re so awesome that you want to be sexy for them,” songwriter Justin Tranter (of Semi Precious Weapons) further explained of the song in a behind-the-scenes clip.

While promoting self-worth is always positive, perhaps Frankie could make better use of his social media accounts by tackling the seemingly larger problem at hand: his own sister licking (and not buying) doughnuts, making out with her dancer and rudely dismissing workers (and Americans!) all in one go. BUT! Ari's clearly got plenty of confidence, so she gets a pass. Right?

Shine bright like a Frankie!

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