We honestly thought we couldn't love Ryan Gosling any more than we already do -- until he went on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and told a story about how he bought an entire Girl Scout troop's cookie supply and drove around handing out boxes to random strangers like a deranged cookie fairy.

The anecdote started when Kimmel said a friend of his claimed that she and her husband once had Gosling pull up next to them on the street, hand them several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and drive off. He then asked the actor if the story was true.

Gosling laughed and responded, “It seemed like a good idea at the time ... Look, I regret it.” And then he provided the background story.

Apparently when Gosling was a kid, his father had a bunch of side businesses and came to somehow own a truckload of cellophane which he had little Gosling try to sell.

Little kid selling lemonade: adorable. Little kid selling Saran Wrap: kinda creepy.

"I had a fantasy that someday someone would buy all of it," he explained. "You know, like some guy would just come along and be like, 'I'll take it all.' Which never happened.”

Cut to five or six years ago when Ryan was leaving the store one day and saw Girl Scouts selling cookies. He wanted to make their dreams come true so he said “I'll take 'em all,” which ended with him having hundreds of boxes of cookies.

"I had a car full of them. I didn't know what to do. So I started just like throwing them out to window to people on the street ... [I thought] 'This must be what Santa Claus feels like!' I'd pull up to people at the stoplight and just throw cookies.”

But then reality came crashing down and ruined everything: “I looked at this one person who was looking at me, and I realized like through their eyes I was not Santa Claus, I was just a creepy cookie guy. Like who is this guy? What happened to the Girl Scouts and why does he have all their cookies?”

When asked if he still had any cookies left, Gosling joked that he still had a few boxes laying around.

We'll take three boxes of Samoas and a box of Thin Mints, please. Hand-delivered, of course.

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