Much like the majority of the population over the age of 14, Robert Pattinson has always been very vocal about how he thinks the 'Twilight Saga' is an awful, awful mess of a series, even moreso as the movies wound down to their (thankfully) inevitable conclusion.

And now we have irrevocable video proof of such.

Between his Twi-hate and his cute water fight with Jimmy Fallon, we're starting to see why the girls go crazy for him. Because the farther he gets from 'Twilight,' the more adorable he seems to get.

One intrepid YouTuber put together a compilation of Pattinson's most hilarious put-downs about the wretched series that took him from drooled-over wizard to drooled-over vampire, including his thoughts on his salary, his feelings about the moniker R-Patz, and his very favorite co-star (it's not who you might think).

About the books: Based on the somehow popular 'Twilight' book series of the same name, which Pattinson had to read (he should've gotten hazard pay for that alone), the actor couldn't help but think that Stephenie Meyer's series “seemed like a book that wasn't supposed to be published.”

"I was convinced that Stephanie was convinced she was Bella," he wisely observed. "It's like, this woman is mad."

Rob also recounts what he thinks is the most ridiculous part of the series -- when in 'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' he had to Google "vampire babies" to learn more about Bella's pregnancy. "Really? We're all like 300-year-old geniuses, and then it's like 'vampire babies' on Google Images."

About Edward: Pattinson is of the belief that if the character existed as a regular person in real life, “You can tell he's just gonna freak out one day and shoot someone ... He's one of those guys who would be like an ax murderer."

About Bella: Rob said it's incredulous that despite dating someone who repeatedly tells her he thinks about killing her, she wants to be with him anyway. "She's like, 'I don't care. I love you.' Well, there's definitely something wrong with her."

Yes. That.

In addition to all these jabs at the characters, Pattinson says that his pay “could've been better,” and that his most favored co-star was ... a line of moisturizers he liked. Let your imagination run wild with that.

Bottom line is that if Robert Pattinson keeps this up, we might actually have to stop tooling on him around here -- because he's doing all the heavy lifting for us.