Rob Kardashian, who's somewhat famous for coming in second place on 'Dancing with the Stars' that one time and living with his sister, launched a Twitter tirade on Monday against former sort-of girlfriend, singer Rita Ora.

The end result? "Rita Whora" became a trending topic.


Though the pair never officially confirmed their relationship (and Ora outright denied it at times) it appears that R-Dash and Ora are SO over -- judging by Rob's reaction on social media, the split was a messy one.

Though his tweets have since been deleted, screen caps are forever.

Rob Kardashian tweets

Our favorite: "I'm actually disgusted a woman could give up her body to more than 20 dudes in less than a year's time while starting a career."

So wait: 20 and under is okay, acceptable and not disgusting? Maybe that's the cap Rob set for himself when he was cheating on his ex Adrienne Bailon.

Makes sense. After all, Kim only had one sex tape with one guy that launched her -- and eventually Rob and the rest of that damnable family -- into infamy.

And once someone's career is established, does that 20 number change? We're just trying to discover the societal standard necessary to meet Rob Kardashian's needs.

Our advice to Rob: Maybe instead of slut-shaming your ex, you should work on simply being less of a douchebag yourself.

And in the meantime, shove a designer sock in it.

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