Rita Ora

Nick Jonas Rocks New Tattoo + Hints at Rita Ora Fling
Remember when Nick Jonas was a curly topped cutie with pinchable cheeks who was on and off with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez? Now he's a grown man and moving on to other ladies, one of which may or may not have been Rita Ora -- and he's singing (and teasing) about it.
And perhaps to inspire him to mo…
Rita's Rebuttal
Remember when Rob Kardashian insinuated that Rita Ora cheated on him with "over 20 guys" and his actions got "Rita Whora" trending on Twitter? Then he issued a denial that he'd ever done that crap in the first place?
Ora didn't respond to any of the rumor…
Rob Kardashian vs. Rita Ora
Rob Kardashian ignited the ire of the internet and his ex Rita Ora when he slut-shamed her for all of Twitter to see.
He eventually deleted his tirade against Ora - whom he claimed cheated on him with 20 men - but that's why Al Gore invented screen caps.
Rob + Rita
Rob Kardashian is showing once again just how much he respects women -- by slut shaming his ex on Twitter some more. Klassy!
'Rita Whora'
Rob Kardashian, who's somewhat famous for coming in second place on 'Dancing with the Stars' that one time and living with his sister, launched a Twitter tirade on Monday against former sort-of girlfriend, singer Rita Ora.
The end result? "Rita Whora" became a trendi…