Rob Kardashian

Rather than have to face theft and battery charges against a female photographer, Rob Kardashian has chosen to go the favorite route of the wealthy and throw a little cash at the problem to make it go away.
Photo of the Week
If the E! network's new 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' promo looks a tad too perfect to you, that's because it's been photoshopped beyond comprehension, even going so far as to add in a member of the family.
Hint: it's not Kanye West, whom no one trusts to stick aroun…
Rob's Woes
Rob Kardashian is in hot water stemming from his fight with a female paparazzo. The token Kardashian brother is being formally charged with battery and theft after hitting a photographer and stealing the memory card from her camera.
Gag Gift
Rob Kardashian, the one Kardashian people aren't clamoring to keep up with, designed a pricey line of socks that's reportedly selling so poorly, it may be pulled from shelves.
Family Ties
Rob Kardashian is insecure about a lot of things. We already know about the weight gain he blamed on ex girlfriend Rita Ora, and now? He's gone into great detail about how that extra girth has affected the size of his peen.
For the times he's not busy shilling overpriced socks, mooching off his family or slut shaming his sisters and ladies who were never his girlfriend, seems Rob Kardashian may have a new hobby: assaulting women.
Happy? Birthday
Now that it's clear he and Rita Ora are never ever getting back together, Rob Kardashian had the wackiest 26th birthday ever -- and most of it had to do with the fact that his mom Kris Jenner tagged along to Las Vegas to celebrate with him.
Or, knowing Kris Jenner, it was the other way around.
Rita's Rebuttal
Remember when Rob Kardashian insinuated that Rita Ora cheated on him with "over 20 guys" and his actions got "Rita Whora" trending on Twitter? Then he issued a denial that he'd ever done that crap in the first place?
Ora didn't respond to any of the rumor…
Rob's So Prude
Ah, the love between siblings. It's a beautiful thing. Especially when your brother is Rob Kardashian and he insults you for getting pregnant before being married. Or rather, being pregnant without being married to the father of your baby.
To be fair, Kim is married, just not to Kanye West, the …
Rob Kardashian vs. Rita Ora
Rob Kardashian ignited the ire of the internet and his ex Rita Ora when he slut-shamed her for all of Twitter to see.
He eventually deleted his tirade against Ora - whom he claimed cheated on him with 20 men - but that's why Al Gore invented screen caps.
Rob + Rita
Rob Kardashian is showing once again just how much he respects women -- by slut shaming his ex on Twitter some more. Klassy!
'Rita Whora'
Rob Kardashian, who's somewhat famous for coming in second place on 'Dancing with the Stars' that one time and living with his sister, launched a Twitter tirade on Monday against former sort-of girlfriend, singer Rita Ora.
The end result? "Rita Whora" became a trendi…