Rob Kardashian is insecure about a lot of things. We already know about the weight gain he blamed on ex girlfriend Rita Ora, and now? He's gone into great detail about how that extra girth has affected the size of his peen.

Maybe this explains his aggression toward women lately (and his longtime habit of slut shaming of them).

"Every time I hop in the shower and see myself naked I cry, because my penis looks so small now," he whined to Ryan Seacrest. "The upside is, every time you lose 10 pounds you gain an inch on your penis."

"I lost five to seven [pounds] last week. I'm trying to lose 40," he said. "It's a little journey, but it's good ... I'm like 240 pounds right now, probably 235 pounds."

There's math to be done here but we're not interested in doing it.

He's also moved on from tormenting Ora (who long since moved on from him) and is now dating a new girl, Naza Jafarian, who's a dead ringer for his sister Kim -- something a source revealed seems to make the family like her more.

"They didn't really like Rita at all," the insider confided.

Well, that's understandable. Rita Ora has an appreciation for privacy, so she probably didn't have much in common with the Kardashian Klan anyway.

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