Rather than have to face theft and battery charges against a female photographer, Rob Kardashian has chosen to go the favorite route of the wealthy and throw a little cash at the problem to make it go away.

The story goes like this: Andra Viak, the photog in question, was supposedly taking photos of a shirtless Kardashian when he grabbed her camera and stole the memory card, allegedly striking her in the process. Which resulted in a lawsuit on her part.

Sources told TMZ that Rob has now agreed to pay Viak for the value of the equipment that was taken and damaged during the struggle.

This was all revealed during a May 29 court hearing, with lawyers informing the judge that a settlement had been reached -- aka money was the metaphorical broom that swept all this under the legal rug.

The resolution will most likely also put an end to the criminal case and the two misdemeanor charges against the anti-feminist Kardashian bro, freeing him up to return to his busy career designing socks no one actually buys.

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