In today's edition of Things You Don't Want to Picture, one of the 20 dudes Rita Ora supposedly boffed during her relationship with Rob Kardashian was apparently none other than Jonah Hill.

We don't know whether to laugh or cry or dry-heave or what.

Us Weekly reports that Ora and Hill hung out at a club and then went home together, with an insider saying, "Rita spent the night with Jonah during a trip to New York."

When Kardashian found out, he took to Twitter to air his grievances like a big boy, causing the clever (it wasn't clever) nickname "Rita Whora" to trend worldwide.

While it seems bizarre to go from the relatively attractive Kardashian to the portly Hill, it's actually more of a lateral move than a downgrade. Consider this: Hill has a brain, a sense of humor and a legitimate career.

Kardashian is on a reality show with sisters he's referred to as "whores" and he designs socks. Socks we bet he's getting a lot of extra use out of right now. Only not on his feet.

Aaaaand there's another Thing You Don't Want to Picture.

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