Even though it seemed otherwise, Rihanna wasn't throwing shade when she tweeted about Nicole Richie's 2013 Met Gala outfit -- which was one of those looks that took the event's overarching punk theme literally.

Richie, whose hair was sprayed gray and who wore a long-sleeved, ivory column gown from Topshop, was "out there," and of course RiRi loved it.

In the tweet below, you'll see she was so impressed by Richie's style that it made her sick. (That's Rihanna's way of paying a compliment, you guys.)

Richie's was a polarizing look for most. Some loved it, like Rih, while others were left questioning the granny hair. Surprisingly, we were smack dab in the middle of the road about it. It wasn't the best we saw -- yet it certainly wasn't the worst, either.

The powdered-wig look wasn't as edgy as Richie probably thought it was, and for us, it merely tried a little too hard. (But not as hard as, say, Miley Cyrus.) Regardless, Nicole Richie should be proud that her outfit made a fellow fashionista like Rihanna want to hurl.

By the way, in the photo above you'll see Rihanna rocked a croc-skin style black gown from Tom Ford at last year's event. Notice the dresses are of incredibly similar construction, despite different styling and fabrics. And, uh, the curtains matched the drapes in both cases, too.

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