Hell hath no fury like the Rihanna Navy scorned. The Bajan beauty did not please her fans in Singapore, who took to Twitter to accuse her of everything from lip syncing to drug use following a lackluster performance on Sunday night (Sept. 22).

Fans of the 'Umbrella' singer who went to see her at the F1 Grand Prix were disappointed that she didn't actually, well, sing that much. To be fair, Rihanna often dances her shapely butt off, and that can be tough to balance with powerhouse vocals, which is why she (and most of her peers) uses a backing track.

But from the sounds of it, she hardly even tried to fake it. Below are some angry tweets from fans at the show:

Still, it's not clear what the crowd really expected. Rihanna has recently come under fire for starting her shows late and pretty much sleepwalking through them. It's as much a case of uninformed consumers as it is of lackluster performing.

Apparently Rihanna, who's still rocking a mullet, is just more focused on the party in the back than the business in the front.

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