If you’re like us, you completely forgot about Richard Marx. He was super hot in the '80s and brought us saxophone-filled, awkward slow dance hits like 'Hold On To the Nights,' ‘Right Here Waiting’ and ‘Endless Summer Nights.’

But these days, he just plays casinos and music festivals and really you could've probably played a cruel prank and convinced us he died years ago and we'd have been none the wiser.

Until he spent Wednesday night drunk tweeting from a hotel room. And now we can’t forget that endless Fall night. Although he probably did.

He shoulda known better.

Marx was apparently in Florida to play a show midweek. He spent his first several hours there tweeting incessantly at American Airlines about how disappointed he was that they lost his luggage -- even going so far as to compare the ordeal to being sodomized with billiard implements.

But, after the show, he decided having a few spirits would lift his. And so he started drinking. And drinking. And drinking.

And then he started tweeting. And tweeting. And tweeting.

Nineteen drunk tweets, to be exact. But, since he was drinking the whole time – based on all the pictures he posted of him with wine - we’re sure the tweets don’t mean nothin’.

He invited us to party:


He made amends with American Airlines:


He had some wine:


He ran out of wine:


He found some more wine:


He considered a new project:


He almost gave up singing:


He teased country star Blake Shelton:


His manager called:


And the manager seemed more worried about Richard's career than Richard himself:


He had an all-around good time:


And then he invited us all for hangover food:


But we’re not sure he’s going to hold onto the memory:


The man is actually a genius. A drunken genius, but a genius nonetheless. He just released a Christmas album and now he’s made some buzz for it – while he was buzzed.

If you need some good Twitter entertainment, we're sure he’s right there waiting for you.

Way to make us love you again, forgotten '80s celeb.