Amanda Bynes continues her tour de hot mess, this time hitting up a wig shop. (We're guessing Nicki Minaj's people never got back to her.)

TMZ caught the troubled former actress in a West Village wig shop, where she checked out a few blond ones, but ultimately left emptyhanded when the paparazzi overwhelmed her.

Meanwhile, sources close to Bynes, 27, admit that her issues have been long-lasting and started early -- but that her drug use is only exacerbating the problem. And that drug use isn't just marijuana (though sources have said it does make her more paranoid), but also prescription drugs and ecstasy.

"In the last couple days leading up to Amanda’s arrest she was pretty out of control. At this point everyone knows she smokes marijuana, but it’s the combination of that weed with Ecstasy, Percocet and Roxicontin that is really making her crazy," a source told Radar Online. "And Amanda doesn't just do a little bit of these drugs, she does a lot and it makes her delusional and erratic, which is exactly what happened before she was arrested."

The insider said Bynes literally uses pills 24/7, often an "alarming" number of them at a time. "Amanda is completely pill’d out and mixes too many different pills with Molly [slang term for Ecstasy], which brings the high to a whole different level," the source said.

Bynes' pal continued, "Amanda is literally never sober. Being on all these pills has become the usual to her so she finds her behavior normal, but her reality is completely altered. When she's high, or even coming down from high she becomes extremely paranoid."

Unfortunately for Bynes -- and anyone who may be below the windows of her apartment -- there's very little anyone can do in terms of psychiatric help for the troubled starlet.

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