Olympian Ryan Lochte recently went on 'Good Morning Philly' to talk (via satellite) about his upcoming reality show 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' -- but instead of promoting the program, he just left giggly news professionals in his wake.

Throughout the interview, the anchors were astonished as Lochte struggled to answer even the most basic questions.

For example, when asked, "Why should we care [about the show]? What are you doing [on it]?" the Olympian responded with, "Ummm, what am I not doing?"

Thanks, Rain Man!

Watch the entire video to see Ryan bobble things like explaining how bathrooms sometimes work, and then watch the entire news room lose it the moment his interview his over. As they say, at least he's good-looking.

By the way, if these Philly anchors look familiar, you may remember that one of them hysterically mocked Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and their jackets back in 2011.

Can he interview all the celebrities ever?

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