We're sure some of you are still nursing your broken hearts or flipping tables over since Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively shockingly tied the knot. But tragically, one person who's doing neither is Lively's ex and 'Gossip Girl' co-star Penn Badgley.

"I'm happy for her," said Badgley to Us Weekly at the Toronto International Film Festival. "Genuinely happy. Obviously people are going try to connect us in ways in which we're not connected anymore. But it's great. I'm happy for her."

And what makes this even more bittersweet is the fact that he heard about the nuptials just like the rest of us peasants. "[People] were like, 'Hey, did you hear that Blake's getting married?' I was like, 'OK, great!'"

Dude. Your lack of bitterness makes for a rather dull story. Can't you ball up in a corner and cry or something?

Meanwhile, Ryan Lochte, the Olympic gold medalist who recently publicly declared that he had a crush on the actress, is pretty bummed about her being taken off the market so suddenly.

"I just heard about [the wedding]. I didn't even know she had a boyfriend until someone told me," he said. "That's great for them. I just want to congratulate them and wish them the best."

Isn't ANYONE going to say something nasty? It's like they don't care about us at all.

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