Olympian Ryan Lochte is continuing his tour of inanity to promote his reality show (in which he apparently doesn't understand irony or douchebaggery). And last night, David Letterman asked him to explain just why he has a reality show in the first place.

After talking about something he should understand but doesn't -- swimming -- and getting applause for remembering the locale of the last Olympics, Letterman got down to business.

When asked the purpose of 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?,' Lochte said it was to bring "swimming into everyone's living room," aka "swimming awareness," since we as a species forget that swimming exists when we're not watching the Olympics. (All those children swimming in the summer? They have selective amnesia and will forget about it three summers out of four.)

Check out the entire interview to see how Lochte is a different breed of human because he likes to do multiple things and how his trainers want him to live a life in bubble-wrap -- or just jump to 5:42 to get to the reality show-related shenanigans.

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