Today, Aug. 15, some celebrities shared photos of themselves on Twitter hanging out with their reality show friends, and some won Throwback Thursday with actual pictures of throwback items. Still others had us thinking existential thoughts.

Tom Hanks thinks vintage typewriters are the bomb.

Not sure if Joel McHale hung out with the cast of 'Duck Dynasty' or just Photoshop.

Stephen Colbert continues to be our favorite.

Alyssa Milano killed us with her sweetness.

We agree with Anna Kendrick -- horses are pretty dope.

B.J. Novak is wiser than we knew.

Paris Hilton loves to get foamed. Her words.

Patton Oswalt just gave us our favorite new hashtag.

Something tells us we could get behind Mara Wilson's workout regimen.

And Heidi Klum made us even more excited for 'Project Runway' tonight.

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