Celebrities get bored. How could they not? They get famous being or doing a certain thing and then when they get tired of just having their photos taken for no reason, they decide they better branch out and do something different so there’s another reason to have their photos taken again.

That’s our theory behind Paris Hilton's new beach club.

Seems Paris has lent her name and "design skills" to the Century Properties Group, known for bringing high-end celebrity construction projects to the Philippines (Donald Trump has also designed for the group, if that tells you anything).

Her project? The Paris Beach Club, which "features 3 levels of dazzling amenities all designed to Paris’ exacting specifications and aesthetic preferences."

Clicking through the sections of the site, we see the PBC has "lofty ceilings, sparkling interiors, and plush furniture," "truly distinct illuminated hallways [with] variable colors that reflect Paris’ favorite hues," and "a refreshing indoor restaurant [that] offers Paris’ favorite flavors."

Of course there's also a beach bar that "exudes the same smooth vibes as the world’s best beach clubs, combining modern lines, chilled lighting, and a magnificent bar to create the ultimate beachside hangout." And an ice cream and candy bar with a "mouth-watering selection of treats [that] will cool down every sweet tooth on a hot day."

It’s really the logical next step for the hotel chain heiress.

She’s mastered the art of pampered princess-ing. She’s mastered the art of the sex tape. She’s mastered the reality show, modeling, designing clothes, creating perfume, hanging around DJs, starring in commercials and whatever other random things she could dabble in.

Normally, a celeb would write a children’s book at this point in her career, but it seems pretty clear why that’s not going to be something Paris adds to her resume. No, it’s much better for her to design a beach club in the Philippines. It can't be that different from designing weekend wear, right?

Here's a video from when the project was announced back in 2011.

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