Paris Hilton was on 'Late Night With David Letterman' on May 2 (promoting herself, as usual) when talk turned to the Lohan clan and Paris' revolving-door love life.

Things started off with an answer-dodging session about Lindsay Lohan, whose troubles are legend. And since Paris has had her own share of courtroom time, Dave asked how she got through it.

"Yeah, I think it all comes down to your family," Hilton replied. "I’m very lucky to have such an amazing family — I think some people aren’t that fortunate."

(Subtext: "Man, am I glad Michael and Dina Lohan aren't my parents.")

Letterman sensed Paris was stepping very lightly and called her on it, but unlike Tara Reid, Paris refused to dish. "I haven’t seen [Lindsay] in a while, but I wish her the best," she said. "I always like to be nice about everyone ... I don’t want to cause any drama ... I wish her the best."

Things then turned to talk of Paris' boyfriend, Spanish model River Viiperi. As Letterman joked, "Each time you are here, as it turns out, we have said hello to the love of your life — and it’s never the same guy!"

Check out the video above to meet Hilton's newest conquest -- and find out why Dave thinks he's "hunky."

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