Seven-time Grammy award winner Patrick Carney , the drummer for the Black Keys, pissed off Justin Bieber and his squadron of teen fans when he said the Biebs didn't deserve any Grammys. Because talent.

Now Bieber is firing back on Twitter, just as our forefathers once did.

Notice the “haha” which was meant to denote that the tweet was all in good fun. Sure it was.

In response, Carney said he wasn't happy that the video of his comments from Feb. 10 made its way online, and then he retweeted Justin's initial missive with a frowny face.

See how much you hurt his feelings, Justin? He even needed an emoticon to express them!

Carney has also been retweeting comments being sent to him from Justin's hormone-fueled adolescent Beliebers, which we find more amusing than the whole argument itself.

But our favorite would have to be the expletive-filled and grammatically-flawed tweet that read, “who are you? your a flop. Talking sh- about Justin ? LMAO. Leave.”

See? This is what happens when you give an angsty teenager an online outlet and a worldwide audience -- and then do the same for millions of his fans.

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