When she's not spending her time acting, Olivia Munn likes to stay in shape. So much so that in 2011, she dropped 16 pounds just getting her groove-thing on.

In a never-ending quest to make working out fun, Munn compiled a 45-minute mix-tape for her and a couple girlfriends to dance to. (Although we think dancing like no one's watching burns way more calories.)

As she explained to Shape magazine, "I make a playlist ... usually ’90s hip-hop. It's just myself and my two girlfriends, and we do it four times a week.

"It's really fun, because it's not just a regular dance routine. We're laughing, and it doesn't really feel like I’m working out ... [but] everyone’s tightening up and losing weight."

Now that's a routine we can get behind. So to speak.

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