Forget President Obama vs. Mitt Romney and their trite discussions of health care, job creation and the plight of the middle class. Octomom, nee Nadya Suleman, has abandoned her thriving career in creepy soft-core porn and is now America's foremost debater.

We can't believe that Octo has been paid to do either of those jobs, but indeed she has -- and the extremely fertile breeder's latest money-making venture is debating intellectual topics online.

The mother of 14 has been hired by, a web destination where people can set up online debates about any topic and argue until they're blue in the face, burst a blood vessel, or finally come to their senses and realize holy crap, I'm paying good money to debate with freakin' Octomom.

TMZ reports that Octo will be paid several thousand per week (!!!) to thoughtfully discuss hot-button issues with anyone who would like to go mano y mano with her for a whole 90 minutes.

Want a sample of her work? Check out her meeting of the minds (we prefer "mindless") with Father of the Year candidate Michael Lohan -- yes, Lindsay's sire -- about the issue of whether or not children need both parents to thrive and prosper.

As a refresher, she has 14 kids she can't afford and his daughter has had so many breakdowns that she's worn out her AAA membership. Still, they give it the ol' college try, with Octo throwing around therapy-speak terms like "projection" and putting her palm up in sassy, talk-to-the-hand style.