Kim Kardashian didn't take a break from promoting her bronzer just because some little tornado hit Oklahoma. She's a businesswoman, remember?

That didn't sit well with a lot of people -- including rocker Nikki Sixx.

The Oklahoma cyclone that killed dozens of people (at last count) wasn't enough to stop Kardashian from shilling her wares on Twitter, and the Motley Crue bassist took exception to it.

After he posted a link to donate to the Red Cross, he came across this tweet of hers:

And he didn't like it one little bit:

Unfortunately for Sixx and anyone who isn't a really staunch kapitalist, K.K.'s 15 minutes have been extended to at least 30 by Kanye West.

Shortly after Kardashian came under fire for essentially being herself -- money-hungry and vain -- she posted a "Praying for Oklahoma" graphic, but no information or links to give money. Which, historically speaking, seems to work better than Instagram graphics for putting lives back together.