Nicole Kidman

10 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant After 40
Gwen Stefani may or may not be pregnant with her third child, which had us thinking about all the other celebrity mothers of the world who found themselves in the family way at 40 and up.
Within this list you will find all the stars who got pregnant after they found themselves over the hill, complete…
10 Celebrity Couples With Taller Women + Shorter Men
While men are often taller than women in opposite-sex couples, celebrities (as usual) tend to march to the beat of their own drummers. It's not a new trend -- Cher was famously taller than Sonny, after all, and Tom Cruise is shorter than all three of his ex-wives -- but even today, lots of star…
What Does Nicole Kidman Fear?
Suffers From: Lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies)
If there's one thing Nicole Kidman fears, it's the feeling of butterflies and their furry legs and multicolored wings crawling all over her vulnerable flesh.