While men are often taller than women in opposite-sex couples, celebrities (as usual) tend to march to the beat of their own drummers. It's not a new trend -- Cher was famously taller than Sonny, after all, and Tom Cruise is shorter than all three of his ex-wives -- but even today, lots of stars and their partners are perfectly happy to break the rules.

Mick Jagger + L'Wren Scott

The legendary Rolling Stones frontman has an equally legendary thing for models. He and L'Wren have been together for more than a decade, so he clearly doesn't mind the fact that she's 6'3" -- a full five inches taller than he is. (Dude, he's Mick Jagger. Why would he be insecure about anything?)

Mick Jagger L'Wren Scott
Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Seth Green + Clare Grant

The 5'4" 'Robot Chicken' mastermind met his taller actress wife at Comic-Con in 2007, and they wed three years later. (Fun fact: Director Craig Brewer performed the ceremony.)

Seth Green Clare Grant
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Jamie Cullum + Sophie Dahl

A seven-inch height difference didn't stop model-turned-author-turned-chef Dahl from falling in love with her singer-songwriter husband. They married in 2010 and have since had two daughters together.

Jamie Cullum Sophie Dahl
Eamonn M. McCormack, Getty Images

Keith Urban + Nicole Kidman

After Nicole's tumultuous divorce from the notoriously wee Tom Cruise, the 5'11" Australian beauty joked she could finally wear heels again. Keith is only an inch shorter than she is, but maybe he's just more secure -- because he doesn't seem to mind that on red carpets, she frequently wears stilettos and towers over him.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Rod Stewart + Penny Lancaster

Another rock god with a taste for leggy models, Stewart met the 6'1" Lancaster when she moved behind the camera and became his tour photographer in 1999. They've been together ever since, though they didn't formally swap vows until 2007.

Penny Lancaster Rod Stewart
Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images

Michael J. Fox + Tracy Pollan

Fox and Pollan's 25-year marriage is the stuff of legend in Hollywood, and rightfully so -- together, they've bravely battled his Parkinson's disease with humor and grace.

Tracy Pollan Michael J. Fox
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg + Rhea Durham

Mark proves you don't have to be a singer to snag a statuesque model. He and Rhea hooked up in 2001, and are now parents to four children.

Mark Wahlberg Rhea Durham
Monica Schipper, Getty Images

Jeff Richmond + Tina Fey

Brilliant writer and comedienne Fey isn't super tall (she's 5'5"), but she does have a couple inches on her music composer husband -- and in heels, she looks positively glamazonian next to him.

Tina Fey Jeff Richmond
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Jack Black + Tanya Haden

Tanya, an artist and musician, went to high school with Jack (who, by the way, is 5'6"), but they didn't become a couple until 15 years later. They've been married since 2006 and have two sons together.

Jack Black Tanya Haden
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Jason Alexander + Daena E. Title

The 5'5" 'Seinfeld' star and his wife wed in 1982. And clearly, she's taking those "for better or for worse" vows seriously -- because man, that rug he's been sporting lately is some kind of awful.

Jason Alexander Daena E. Title
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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