Oh pregnancy, the great equalizer. It turns Duchesses into vomiting messes, gives supermodels their first ounce of stomach fat ever -- and makes Megan Fox stop disrobing in her films.

What will she use to distract us from her poor acting skills now? Take up juggling?

Fox told the UK's Mirror that now that she's a mother, she'll be more careful about signing on to flicks that require her to strip down. Which could mean her mailbox will become suddenly devoid of script pitches.

"[Motherhood] changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a film," she said. "I'm already thinking about when he's in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he's going to be horrified."

Just wait until he gets his hands on those photoshopped nudes of his mother. Then he's really going to be scratching out his eyeballs.

She said her son Noah Shannon was given the biblical name to make up for the “rebellious” phase she went through in her 20s during which marriage and religion were unimportant to her, and also mentioned her lack of concern about the lingering 10 pounds of baby weight she's still carrying around.

"I don't want to kill myself trying to get back into shape because it's not a priority right now," she mused. "I'm too in love with Noah and I don't want to be away from him. I just want to be home."

Megan has said a lot of stupid things in the past, but we can't really fault her for wanting to be a good mom here. We just hope she really enjoys it -- because her new rules likely mean she won't be working nearly as much.

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