Looks like being a new mom isn't keeping Megan Fox busy enough -- the actress and her legal team are upset that a humor site has posted a photo of Fox with her head Photoshopped onto the nude body of someone else.

Her team has threatened to sue unless the fake photo, which the site freely admits is fake, is removed. So that's a good use of the judicial system.

A disclaimer posted on the Celebrity Jihad says it's a "satirical website containing published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, fiction ... Information on this site may or may not be true and is not meant to be taken as fact.”

Despite that -- and the site's current top story, "Selena Gomez Has a Penis" -- Fox's lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter demanding the photo be removed, lest anyone think it's real.

But Celebrity Jihad took it all in stride, providing what may be the best response to a legal demand ever:

“While we appreciate Megan Fox's concern for her image, we find it hard to believe that a woman who spent two 'Transformers' movies bent over with her breasts pressed together could have her reputation damaged by a blatantly satirical website.”

For those of you keeping score at home, that brings our tally to Celebrity Jihad: 1 -- Megan Fox: 0.

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