Bored with futile attempts at being a serious actress, Megan Fox is teaming up once again with Michael Bay -- the same guy who fired her from the 'Transformers' franchise for comparing him to Hitler -- to eff with another of your youth's favorite memories.

Fox is joining the cast of 'Ninja Turtles,' because apparently Bay hadn't screwed up that concept enough yet.

Bay announced the reconciliation with the occasional actress/full-time pin-up on his website, writing, "TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!" According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox will play April O'Neil, the reporter and closest human ally to the turtles.

Apparently the pair met for a series of meetings to get over their differences and overinflated senses of self worth. It's unclear whether Fox had to audition or wash a car to get the part or if it was simply offered to her because she's Megan Fox.

Previous atrocities Bay already committed to the 'Turtles' include making them aliens and at one point removing the 'Teenage Mutant' part of their name, shortening it to just 'Ninja Turtles.' However, based on his website post, he may have brought their origins (ooze, basically) and ages back.

At least he got two things right. And at worst, it'll be interesting to see Fox, who thinks leprechauns are real, interact with katana, nunchaku, sai and bō-wielding green dudes.

Considering she couldn't even grasp Twitter, Fox's attempts to pretend to be a journalist instead of a teenage girl or eye candy should prove amusing, too. That is, if you're into schadenfreude.


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