Who knew Lindsay Lohan would have anything in common with Taylor Swift aside from delusions of grandeur? Both starlets are dating boy band members -- LiLo's boning Max George of the Wanted and T-Swizzle is sipping malteds with Harry Styles of One Direction. And now, La Lohan is joining Swift's ranks of being dubbed Yoko Ono for causing a rift within her British f-buddy's band.

Radar Online reports that Lohan is earning a bad rap from the band for her time with George, and she's groupie non grata on their tour bus and backstage.

"Ever since Max and Lindsay started hooking up several weeks ago, his fellow band members have found the amount of unwanted (pun intended) attention the group has received horrifying," a source said. "They have worked very hard to get where they are, and yes, the boys do party, but Lindsay brings all of her nonsense and drama." That drama includes arrests and photo ops, for those of you who haven't been keeping score.

The source implies that the band's association with manager and professional climber Scooter Braun may influence their opinions of Lohan.

"It's only a matter of time before Max and possibly the band are caught in the crossfire of Lindsay's wild antics," an insider dished. "It was only two weeks ago that she allegedly punched someone while trying to hook up with Max. Lindsay is just bad news, and a major distraction to the band."

Also pulling some strings? None other than Justin Bieber. "There are plans for the Wanted to open for newly announced Justin Bieber tour dates in 2013, and Lindsay won't be welcome on the road with the band."

Still, no one needs to worry about George and Lohan running off to elope or anything. He's openly disrespected Lohan and just as openly admits that they're not serious -- and won't be.

"Max isn't getting serious with Lindsay. He just thinks she is fun to party with, and he has told people not to worry because she isn't girlfriend material."

Sounds like a match made slightly south of Heaven. And perhaps just short of rehab.