Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she's not really rich, you guys, and she deserves one of those middle-class tax cuts too, dammit.

As President Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, staffers busily tweeted out snippets of his speech, one of which was, "I’ve cut taxes for people who need it—middle-class families, small business owners.”

Apparently La Lohan is more civic-minded than we thought, because she was following the feed -- and when she saw the above tweet, she sent out one of her own (which has since been deleted):


Look, we know sissah's gotta be bringing in a lot less coin these days, what with all those unpaid visits to the LA County Jail and her complete ineptitude as a thief. But that diminished earning capability should also mean a much lower tab with the IRS.

Which, last time we checked, doesn't get its information from Forbes.

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