Lindsay Lohan may have kept it clean at Coachella, but in order to keep it clean for good -- or for at least 90 days -- she still needs rehab.

While it was previously reported that the actress-cum-trainwreck had chosen a Hamptons rehab facility for her imaginary "lockdown rehab," it appears she's still weighing her options.

“Lindsay is expected to sit with me this week ... and then a final approval has to be rendered by the court,” Lohan's attorney, Mark Heller, told The New York Post.

Sources told the Post that Lohan is looking into a stay at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, Calif., but hasn't made a final decision yet.

Somewhat comforting? Heller says that Lohan's Adderall demands are false.

“She has not, nor would she be poised to, mandate any type of requirements," Heller clarified. "Nor has she directed me [to a facility that permits] her to use any types of substances such as Adderall. She has to conform and comply with the [rehab center’s] requirements.”

We'd hope so, considering that's the point of rehab.

Lohan is slated to check into whichever facility will have her on May 2. Here's hoping she leaves healthy, happy and only with things that rightfully belong to her.