Since it would be silly to expect LeAnn Rimes to take responsibility for her own inadequacies, she's blaming her dentist for ruining her career.

Seems Rimes is suing Dr. Duane C. McKay, who did various dental work over a three-year period including “upper front veneers” and crowns that he said would help with her TMJ pain and make her smile look better.

Instead of helping, though, the lawsuit alleges that the pain got even worse. She required “9 root canals and bone grafting,” a “temporary bridge” and “physical therapy” as a result of her dental work. The legal filing also claims that because of the doc's poor job, she will suffer for the rest of her life with a "permanent cosmetic deficiency” that has affected her ability to perform properly.

In other news: LeAnn Rimes got a boo boo on her finger and now she can't use a fork to feed herself so Eddie Cibrian is doing it for her.

Rimes is suing for “physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries” and all lost past and future wages of an unspecified amount. But since the performances she's known for these days are primarily just the ones in front of paparazzi cameras, we're guessing this lawsuit might result in a net judgment of exactly zero.

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