Since Kris Humphries decided to skip out on the last settlement hearing on his divorce case with Kim Kardashian last Friday (April 12), another one was scheduled for today -- and this one actually ended with the "dissolution" of the marriage.

For those of you keeping score at home, the divorce proceedings took exponentially longer than the 72-day marriage lasted.

For those of you not keeping score (because really, if you aren't being paid to monitor all this, why would you), Kris was seeking an annulment on the basis that he was "frauded" into marrying Kim for reality show ratings.

Had he gotten the annulment instead of a standard divorce, he wouldn't have been bound by the non-disclosure agreement in the former couple's prenup -- which means he could've spilled about the inner workings of the Kardashian family.

But it looks like Kris is kaving on the annulment demand. According to TMZ, he realized that settling without a trial would be the best way to go if he wanted to get some of the hush-money he's seeking.

A judge announced the agreement, and insiders say this is what went down: Kris, who previously demanded up to $7 million from Kim, isn't getting a dime. (At least not on the record.) He also dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud, and both he and Kim will be paying their own attorney's fees.

In other words, Kim wins. But there's good news for Humphries, too: In addition to finally being free of Kim Kardashian once and for all, he will not be fined for failing to appear in court last week -- mainly because Kim asked the judge to let it slide.

And with that, Kim will give birth to little Kimye Khrist as a single woman. Or maybe one married to Kanye. Time will tell.