The Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce / annulment fustercluck is raging on. Last time we checked in, Kris missed their settlement hearing because that stuff is super hard to keep track of.

Now news breaks of a deposition given by Kim, where she admits to being apart from boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West more often than not.

There's been a lot of talk about West and Kardashian fighting because of him allegedly wanting to move to Paris (because they need God in their lives), but now the extent of their time apart is coming to light.

Radar Online reports that a source has given them the deets on the deposition, in which K-Dash confesses the two aren't together that often.

“She blamed their hectic schedules, but it was obvious that it pained her a great deal. Kim is pregnant with his baby, and Kanye is missing all of her prenatal doctors appointments, because he is halfway around the world in Paris," said the source.

The source added that texting and Skyping is not the same as physical human contact -- Radar has very observant sources. Nothing gets by those guys.

They also say Kardashian's definitely having the baby in Los Angeles, not Paris, where West is currently recording. And because the divorce proceedings have yet to begin, Kardashian will likely still be married to Humphries when the Khrist child arrives.

Man, this stuff is crazy. If Kardashian had a large and eccentric family, full of vapid, spoiled do-nothings, this could actually make for great television.

Oh, well.


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