Even though their heavily televised marriage lasted a mere 72 days, Kim Kardashian swore under oath in a nine hour deposition that she did, in fact, love Kris Humphries.

TMZ reports that Kardashian was secretly deposed on Tuesday (March 19), where she told attorneys that when Humphries proposed and that when they walked down the aisle, she did indeed love the big lug.

Kardashian was questioned by her attorney, Laura Wasser, at the legal queen's office.

Sources report that Humphries, who is often fingered as the one dragging this whole ordeal out, didn't bother showing up for the deposition, despite insisting the marriage be annulled for fraud.

Humphries' attorney had previously made sure to note that the Nets star had a right to appear at the hearing, but Humphries, who didn't even have a game that day, didn't bother.

Sources say the fraud claims aren't looking too good for the b-baller. His lawyer, Lee Hutton, hardly asked about the reality show -- despite swearing that he'll show the whole thing was staged. You know, because apparently Humphries was the only person on the planet at the time who didn't understand that reality TV isn't real.