Comedian Kathy Griffin is one of the few celebs willing to admit that she's had a lot of plastic surgery -- so much so that she became a bit addicted to the procedures, signing up for liposuction, nose jobs, brow lifts, Botox, chemical peels and even more liposuction in the late '90s and early 'aughts.

Ironically, she doesn't look a whole lot different now than she did back in 1996 when 'Suddenly Susan,' the sitcom on which she starred with Brooke Shields, was on the air. But maybe that was the whole point.

Regardless, she has her regrets, saying in 2008, "[Plastic surgery] didn't help me one bit ... It didn't get me happier or didn't make me look particularly younger, it didn't help me get jobs. What I realize now is ... no one expected me to come out in a bikini anyway."

She's since sworn off the procedures and has vowed to let herself age naturally. Well, the parts of her that still can, anyway.