During an appearance on David Letterman's 'Late Show,' comedienne and CNN New Year's Eve host Kathy Griffin was unapologetic about kissing co-host Anderson Cooper's "Christmas presents" live on the air.

The crotch-smooch has angered the humorless Parents Television Council, which is demanding CNN not rehire her again next year. Because so many little kids watch CNN after midnight and all.

When asked about the incident, Griffin told Letterman, "If you think this is the part where I apologize for going down on Anderson  Cooper, you are sorely mistaken."

"I tried, ladies and gays. I tried, for you," she added, addressing the amused audience.

Letterman then turned the gender tables, asking Griffin, "Let's say a man on television did that to you? What would the reaction be?"

"If it was Anderson Cooper? Myself and every other gay guy and woman -- I would unzip so fast," she quickly responded. "BOOM! Pants down."

Never change, Kathy. Never change.

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