Things got a little awkward at the Daytime Emmys on Sunday night, when Aisha Tyler was handed the wrong envelope while presenting an award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show -- and handled it like the consummate (and hilarious) pro she is.

'The Talk' co-host and actress opened the envelope to read the winner of the category and, before she announced anything aloud, was on her toes enough to realize a mistake had been made.

That's when her background in standup comedy became evident, as she threw out quips until the people behind the scenes could get their act together -- which is more than we could say about most stars, who would've probably just read whatever the card said without a thought.

"There'd better be a cocktail waiting on my table," the lovely Tyler said when she was finally given the correct envelope. (The winner, by the way, turned out to be Dr. Oz, a show ironically less entertaining than watching Aisha Tyler stall for time.)

Check out the video above and tell us she doesn't deserve an Emmy of her own for Outstanding Award Presenter.

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