In an attempt to subvert the Grammys for not nominating him for anything, Justin Bieber tried to use the service UStream to live stream performances and a Q&A for his fans last night (Feb. 10) at the exact same time the Grammys were set to air.

But it seems like karma hit him and his crazed manager Scooter Braun with that one -- because the entire thing was a technology bust.

So instead of just apologizing to Beliebers (who overloaded the service in the first place), the Biebs acted like an overgrown man-child, ripped off his shirt in a pre-pubescent Hulk fury and loudly complained to the Twitterverse.

There was a slight moment for Bieber and his Beliebers when the live stream appeared to be temporarily working. Then all their hopes and dreams were soon shattered, and Justin went back to whining.

Finally, to prove just how upset he was, he posted a photo to Instagram expressing his extreme anger with the caption, “Never been so frustrated.” And wow, you can really see the anger in his shirtless eyes.

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